Seamless portfolio tracking

Professional investors raise the probability of good returns by following specific steps. Able offers the tools for tracking, analytics and fundamental research so retail investors can do the same.

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Seamless portfolio management

Able is an intuitive crypto portfolio application for retail investors, which offers a suite of tools within a clean dashboard that makes it easy to analyze your portfolio, research new opportunities, and organize your investment work.

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“Able wants to help you organize all your coin research, gather crowd intelligence and offer a deeper analyzation of your portfolio.”

Andras Caron

Co-Founder Able

Track performance

Get a clear picture of your crypto investments, including the current portfolio and your return on investment over time. Create several compartments within your portfolio for different strategies. Get notifications of important events and news based on your portfolio. Analyze your risk and exposure through multiple pie charts.

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Crowd-based coin analysis

Our crowd based analysis system offers a framework where users have the ability to grade different parameters and load standard fundamental datasets. Users can fill in their own data and gradings or view the results of all users combined. They are compelled to take the same steps professionals take before entering a position.

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Professional investing

We studied how hundreds of professional investors raise the probability of good returns. They protect themselves against irrationality by following specific steps.

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  • Automatic wallets and exchange syncing
  • Coin Fundamentals
  • Portfolio analyzation
  • Events based on portfolio
  • Check portfolio under your tab page​
  • Currency converter
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  • Crowd-based coin analysis
  • Coin fundamentals framework
  • Advanced portfolio analyzation
  • Research advanced
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We are a bunch of crypto enthusiasts from Amsterdam and we are extremely excited to continuously build and iterate on the best possible crypto dashboard in the world.

Andras Caron


Entrepreneur and crypto investor. Andras has a deep desire to learn and discover new things. More than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. Responsible for product vision, hirings, dealmaking, investor management.

Kent de Bruin


Multitalent with a passion for tech and everything that's innovative. Digital Innovation graduate from Hyper Island and holds a business degree from the VU University. Responsible for product vision, marketing, finance and daily operations.

Rick Schoo

Lead Developer

Rick is our lead developer of the Able dashboard. Rick is a seasoned developer with a degree in informatics and more than 11 years experience in front- and backend development. Responsible for the product vision and Able product development.

Marien Gauthier


Our beloved French friend Marien is responsible for the design of Able. Marien has over 3 years of experience with designing for both digital agencies and startups. Has worked on major projects including KLM, Adidas and Samsung.

Nik Nieuwenhuijs


Founder of award winning digital agency CODE D’AZUR. He has a well-known track record in crafting digital products for international brands. Nik is the teams go-to advisor and helps with multiple facets of business.


Development Partner

We work closely together with Amsterdam based award winning creative digital agency CODE D'AZUR. They produce digital products, services and campaigns for international clients such as KLM, Tele2 and ABN AMRO.

Able Portfolio Manager

A suite of tools within a clean dashboard that makes it easy to analyze your portfolio, research new opportunities, and organize your investment work.

  • Seamless Portfolio tracker

  • Auto-sync your transactions

  • Event notifications based on portfolio

  • Crowd-based coin fundamental analysis

  • Track performance

  • Multiple portfolio analyzation tools

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